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Dhamma Vipula, is a new upcoming Vipassana Meditation Centre located in Navi Mumbai, near Mumbai City .It is dedicated to the teaching of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

The construction of the centre began in March 2011. At present, 10-Day courses  are being held for 40 males and 40 female students with mostly self contained individual rooms. There is segregation of male and female residential quarters. An air-conditioned meditation hall is also operational. Most of the courses have been running at full capacity with many wait-listed students. 

Recently the construction of the D wing has been completed which is exclusively for short courses. Short courses of 2-days and 3-days are being held on a regular basis. In addition to this, a new hall for 1-day course which accommodates 50 meditators along with a new office block is also operational. 

The following projects are under construcitons:

  1. Construction of Pagoda which will have 130 individual meditation cells

  2. Landscaping and developing the gardens and walking areas for the students

  3. Building the boundary wall

Total cost for the above is Rs 3.90 crores (Rs 3 lakhs per cell).

Regular Group Meditation is ocnducted every day from 8 to 9am and 6 to 7pm and short courses are held weekly.

Please do come and visit the centre and meditate here.

Development of Dhamma Vipula has been possible because of the encouragement and support from vipassana meditatorswithout whom the progress made thus far would not have been possible. 

The current projects provide further opportunity to meditators to participate in this noble endeavor. Donations can be given in any amount towards the construction of the Pagoda, landscaping, developing the student walking areas or building the boundary wall.

While the task is big, we believe that every contribution, large or small, will add up to help complete the centre. We welcome all kinds of dana and look forward to your continued support and maitri for completion of the centre at the earliest.

To participate in the completion of this centre, old students can send their dana to:

Dhamma Vipula Meditation Centre
Plot No 91 A, Sector 26, Parsik Hill, CBD Belapur,
Navi Mumbai - 400 614
Phone: +91 22 27522277

Savings Account Name:
Sayaji U Ba Khin Memorial Trust A/c Dhamma Vipula
Savings Account No: 911010050616521
Bank & Branch: Axis Bank, Nerul Branch
IFSC Code: UTIB0001365, Nerul (East) Branch, Navi Mumbai

All donations are exempt under Sec 80G of Income Tax Act. 

What is Vipassana? 

Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, an Art of Living.

Vipassana is the process of self-purification by self-observation. One begins by observing the natural breath to concentrate the mind. Then, with a sharpened awareness, one proceeds to observe the changing nature of body and mind and experiences the universal truths of impermanence, suffering and egolessness. This truth-realization by direct experience results in mental purification.

The technique is a universal remedy for universal problems and has nothing to do with any organized religion or sectarianism. It can be freely practiced by anyone without conflict due to race, community or religion, and will prove equally beneficial to one and all. You can find out more about the technique by visiting What is Vipassana?.

The following Video Discourse by S. N. Goenka (about 19 minutes) provides a short explanation of the technique of Vipassana meditation:

Vipassana Courses

To learn Vipassana meditation one needs to develop one's own experience during a residential ten day course.

 According to the tradition of pure Vipassana, courses are run solely on a donation basis. Donations are accepted only from those who have completed at least one ten-day course with S.N. Goenka or one of his assistant teachers. Someone taking the course for the first time may give a donation for future courses on the last day of the course or any time thereafter.

Centre Location

Dhamma Vipula is located  in Parsik Hills, Sector 91 A, Belapur node of Navi Mumbai. It is well connected by central railway line. 

 For more information on Location of Dhamma Vipula visit   The Center Page.

Attending a One Day Course


      Bodhi Leaf   Register  Bodhi Leaf  


 Please follow the steps below :

  • Read the Code of Discipline.
  • Select a Course from our schedule and fill out course application.

You can also register for a course via Phone. To contact the Registration office, please call at 022-39535402,  27522277 or +91 7498688588.


  • One form per course
    You must submit a separate form for each course for which you apply.
  • One form per person
    Each individual must submit their own application (i.e. one form per person).
  • Changing courses
    If, after submitting a course application, you wish to change your original course date for a different one (at another time), it would be helpful if you would submit a new application. This will save the registrar time and avoid possible confusion in the system.


   Bodhi Leaf   Transportation  Bodhi Leaf   

Arrivals by train

Railways Services Available :

Nearest Railway Station : Seawoods Estate Railway Station. (East), (Approx. 3 kms from site).

  •  Harbour Line : CST (Mumbai VT) To Panvel /Belapur. 
  •  Thane to (Via Turbhe) Vashi. Change over to Belapur at Vashi. 
  •  Passengers Travelling From CST Main Line, Have to change at Kurla to switch over to Harbour line for destination to Seawoods Estate Rly. Station(East). 
  •  Passengers Travelling From Western Railway have to change at Dadar (WR) To Dadar (C.Rly) to Kurla then to Seawoods estate Rly. Station (East). 
  •  Rikshaws from Seawoods estate Rly. Station (Three Wheelers available to Parsik Hills at approx. Rs.35 to Rs.40 per Trip) Approx. Distance 3 Kms. 

Driving to the Centre

Bus Services :

NMMT Bus service- Nerul Railway Station (E) to Dhamma vipula (parsik hill) from 18.11.2013 bus time daily from nerul railway station- 9.20 and 17.45

Only NMMT (Navi Mumbai Muncipal Transport) bus services available to Dhamma Vipula (foot hills) The following buses available :

Nearest Bus Stop for alighting to Dhamma Vipula: Income Tax Colony Bus Stop

  Sr.No.  Bus Route No.      From                                         To

01.       21                   Artist Colony                             Koperkhairne

02.       26                   Kharghar Jal Vayu                     Thane

03.       31                   Uran                                          Koperkhairne

04.       39                   Uran                                          Koperkhairne


MSRTC(ST) buses from Dadar to Uran Via Uran Phata will stop at Income Tax Colony bus stop. Rickshaws from Income tax colony to Dhamma Vipula available at Rs. 25 Approx. Distance 2.75 kms.


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